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  • May 18 2nd UEFA Champions League Final: Milan beats Barcelona 4-0 at Athens
  • May 19 Tennis star Jennifer Capriati (18), checks into a drug rehab center
  • May 21 119th Preakness: Pat Day aboard Tabasco Cat wins in 1:56.4
  • May 21 Reds bat out of order against Dodgers in 2nd inning
  • May 22 Elaine Crosby wins LPGA Lady Keystone Golf Open
  • May 22 Toronto NBA franchise unveils name "Raptors" & logo
  • May 24 NHL Western Conference Final: Vancouver Canucks beat Toronto Maple Leafs, 4 games to 1

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 25 Mark Messier scores a natural hat trick for the New York Rangers in game 6 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals

NHL Legend Mark Messier
NHL Legend
Mark Messier
  • May 27 NHL Eastern Conference Final: New York Rangers beat New Jersey Devils, 4 games to 3

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 29 Indianapolis 500: Al Unser Jr.wins in 3:06:29.006 (255.89 kph)

Indy Car Driver Al Unser Jr.
Indy Car Driver
Al Unser Jr.

Sport awardGolf Tournament

May 29 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Corning Golf Classic

LPGA Golfer Beth Daniel
LPGA Golfer
Beth Daniel

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 29 Patty Sheehan wins J C Penney/LPGA Skins Golf Game

LPGA Golfer Patty Sheehan
LPGA Golfer
Patty Sheehan
  • May 31 Padres scores 13 in 2nd vs Pirates
  • Jun 5 Beth Daniel wins LPGA Oldsmobile Golf Classic
  • Jun 5 93rd Men's French Open: Sergi Bruguera beats Alberto Berasategui (6-3, 7-5, 2-6, 6-1)

Sport awardTennis Open

Jun 5 93rd Women's French Open: Arantxa Sanchez Vicario beats Mary Pierce (6-4, 6-4)

Tennis Player Mary Pierce
Tennis Player
Mary Pierce
  • Jun 6 Cricketer Brian Lara hits record 501 not out/390 runs in 1 day

Sports record brokenBaseball Record

Jun 7 A's outfielder Rickey Henderson steals his 1,100th career base

MLB Outfielder Rickey Henderson
MLB Outfielder
Rickey Henderson
  • Jun 10 Jennifer Capriati, tennis ace, checks out of drug abuse clinic
  • Jun 11 126th Belmont: Pat Day aboard Tabasco Cat wins in 2:26.8
  • Jun 12 Liselotte Neumann wins Minnesota LPGA Golf Classic
  • Jun 13 Chicago Cub 2nd baseman Ryne Sandberg, retires due to poor play, he forfeits $15.7 million of his $25 million contract
  • Jun 14 Stanley Cup: NY Rangers beat Vancouver Canucks, 4 games to 3
  • Jun 15 NY Giants cut quarterback Phil Simms

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 16 Martin Brodeur becomes 1st Devil to win Calder Trophy

NHL Goalie Martin Brodeur
NHL Goalie
Martin Brodeur
  • Jun 17 FIFA World Cup begins with Germany vs Bolivia (1-0) in Chicago

MurderMurder of Interest

Jun 17 O.J. Simpson doesn't turn himself in on murder charges, LA cops chase his Ford Bronco for 1½ hours, eventually gives up (seen live on TV)

NFL Running Back and Convicted Criminal O.J. Simpson
NFL Running Back and Convicted Criminal
O.J. Simpson
  • Jun 18 Aleksander Popov swims world record 100m free style (48.21 sec)
  • Jun 18 FIFA World Cup: US ties Switzerland 1-1 in their 1st game of 1994 football World Cup
  • Jun 19 Lisa Kiggens wins LPGA Rochester International Golf Tournament
  • Jun 20 94th US Golf Open: Ernie Els shoots a 279 at Oakmont CC in Oakmont Pa
  • Jun 20 O.J. Simpson arraigned on murder of Nicole Simpson & Ronald Goldman

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 21 Steffi Graf becomes 1st defending tennis champ to lose in 1st round of a major tournament (Wimbledon to Lorrie McNeal)

Tennis Player Steffi Graf
Tennis Player
Steffi Graf
  • Jun 22 48th NBA Championship: Houston Rockets beat NY Knicks, 4 games to 3
  • Jun 22 FIFA World Cup: USA beats Colombia 2-1 in 1994 world cup match (1st win since 1950)
  • Jun 23 Replay shows Oakland Athletics's Bobby Witt beat Kansas City's Greg Gagne to 1st in 6th but umpire Gary Cedarstrom calls him safe, ruining Witt's perfect game
  • Jun 24 Jeff Bagwell of Astros is 28th to hit 2 HRs in an inning
  • Jun 25 FIFA World Cup: 1,500th goal in Cup'd history scored by Caceres of Argentina
  • Jun 25 Cleveland Indians 18 game home win streak ends to Yanks 11-6
  • Jun 26 Donna Andrews wins ShopRite LPGA Golf Classic

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 26 Kirby Puckett pass Rod Carew with 2,088 hit as Twin's top hit leader

MLB Center Fielder Kirby Puckett
MLB Center Fielder
Kirby Puckett
  • Jun 26 FIFA World Cup: US loses to Romania 1-0

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 27 12th Seniors Players Golf Championship: Dave Stockton

Golfer and Two-Time PGA Champion Dave Stockton
Golfer and Two-Time PGA Champion
Dave Stockton
  • Jun 28 NY Met Pitcher Dwight Gooden suspended for 60 days due to drug charges

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 28 Jonah Lomu becomes the youngest-ever All Black at 19 yrs 45 days playing rugby for New Zealand against France in Christchurch

Rugby Union Superstar Jonah Lomu
Rugby Union Superstar
Jonah Lomu
  • Jun 30 Giants outfielder Darren Lewis errors after record 392 flawless games
  • Jun 30 Pre-trial hearings open in LA against O.J. Simpson

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 2 101st Wimbledon Women's Tennis: Conchita Martínez beats Martina Navratilova (64 36 63)

Tennis Player Martina Navratilova
Tennis Player
Martina Navratilova

Sport awardTennis Open

Jul 3 108th Wimbledon Men's Tennis: Pete Sampras beats Goran Ivanišević (7-6 7-6 6-0)

Tennis Player Pete Sampras
Tennis Player
Pete Sampras
  • Jul 3 15th U.S. Senior Golf Open: Simon Hobday
  • Jul 3 FIFA World Cup: Romania eliminates Argentina 3-2

  • Jul 3 Tammie Green wins Youngstown-Warren LPGA Golf Classic
  • Jul 4 FIFA World Cup: USA loses to Brazil 1-0 in 1994 World Cup quarter finals
  • Jul 5 Boxer Buster Douglas comes out of a diabetic coma
  • Jul 6 Shreveport Pirates 1st CFL game (vs Ottawa)
  • Jul 8 Preliminary trial rules there is enough evidence to try O.J. Simpson
  • Jul 9 11,000th HR in NY Yankees history (Matt Nokes)

Sport awardGolf Tournament

Jul 10 Kelly Robbins wins Jamie Farr Toledo Golf Classic by Owens-Corning

LPGA Golfer Kelly Robbins
LPGA Golfer
Kelly Robbins
  • Jul 12 65th All Star Baseball Game: AL wins 7-8 at 3 Rivers Stad, Pitts
  • Jul 12 All star MVP: Fred McGriff (Atlanta Braves)
  • Jul 13 O.J. Simpson (charged with murder) gives hair samples for testing
  • Jul 15 NJ Nets Derrek Coleman accused of rape in Detroit
  • Jul 16 Baseball Night in America premieres (no Saturday day games)
  • Jul 16 Shreveport Pirates 1st CFL home game (vs Toronto Argonauts)
  • Jul 16 FIFA World Cup: Sweden shuts out Bulgaria 4-0, to finish 3rd in the World Cup

Sport awardGolf Major

Jul 17 123rd British Golf Open: Nick Price shoots a 268 at Turnberry Scotland

Golfer Nick Price
Nick Price
  • Jul 17 Beth Daniel wins LPGA JAL Big Apple Golf Classic
  • Jul 17 FIFA World Cup: Brazil beats Italy 3-2 on penalties, in football's 15th World Cup in Pasadena
  • Jul 18 Court upholds NBA salary cap and draft rights
  • Jul 18 Houston Astros tie NL comeback record, trailing 10-0, beat Cards 15-12
  • Jul 18 NY Jets sign USA soccer goalkeeper Tony Miola as a place kicker
  • Jul 20 O.J. Simpson offers $500,000 reward for evidence of ex-wife's klller
  • Jul 22 Mariners play Red Sox as home team at Fenway, as Kingdome is repaired
  • Jul 22 O.J. Simpson pleads "Absolutely 100% Not Guilty" of murder
  • Jul 23 Don Mattingly becomes 6th NY Yankee to get 2,000 hits
  • Jul 23 Longest baseball rain delay (3:39) as Giants beat Mets 4-2 in NYC
  • Jul 24 32nd Tennis Fed Cup: Spain beats USA in Frankfurt Germany (3-0)
  • Jul 24 49th US Women's Open Golf Championship won by Patty Sheehan
  • Jul 24 81st Tour de France won by Miguel Indurain of Spain
  • Jul 28 Baseball players decide to strike on Aug 12, 1994
  • Jul 28 Texas Ranger Kenny Rogers pitches baseball's 14th perfect game
  • Jul 31 28th Curtis Cup: Draw, 9-9
  • Jul 31 Helen Alfredss wins LPGA Ping Welch's Golf Championship
  • Aug 7 Carolyn Hill wins McCall's LPGA Golf Classic at Stratton Mountain
  • Aug 12 1st NFL game on Fox network (exhibition - SF vs Denver)
  • Aug 12 Members of the Major League Baseball Players Association strike
  • Aug 14 76th PGA Championship: Nick Price shoots a 269 at Southern Hills Tulsa
  • Aug 14 Liselotte Neumann wins LPGA Weetabix Women's British Golf Open
  • Aug 14 Maggie Will wins Children's Medical Center LPGA Golf Classic
  • Aug 20 Vuyani Bungu, the South African junior featherweight, wins the IBF World Boxing Title

Sport awardGolf Tournament

Aug 21 Jane Geddes wins LPGA Chicago Golf Challenge

LPGA Golfer Jane Geddes
LPGA Golfer
Jane Geddes
  • Aug 22 DNA testing links O.J. Simpson to murder of Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman
  • Aug 24 Kieren Perkins swims world record 1500m free style (14:41.66)
  • Aug 24 Kieren Perkins swims world record 800m free style (7:46.00)
  • Aug 28 22nd du Maurier Golf Classic: Martha Nause

Sport awardGolf Tournament

Aug 28 94th US Golf Amateur Championship won by Tiger Woods

Golfer Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods
  • Aug 30 Largest US Tennis Open single session (total) 23,618
  • Sep 2 Miguel Indurain bicycles world record time (53,040 km)
  • Sep 4 Cleveland Browns is 1st team in NFL to score a 2-point conversion
  • Sep 5 Barb Mucha wins LPGA State Farm Rail Golf Classic

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