National Hockey League History (Part 4)

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  • 2004-02-16 The Pittsburgh Penguins lose their 12th consecutive home game, a NHL record
  • 2004-09-15 NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announces a lockout of the players union and cessation of operations by the NHL head office.
  • 2005-02-16 2004-05 NHL season is canceled by league commissioner Gary Bettman. This was the first time that a North American professional sports league had to cancel a season due to a labor dispute

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2005-09-12 Mark Messier announces on ESPN radio that he will retire from the NHL

NHL Legend Mark Messier
NHL Legend
Mark Messier

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2006-04-03 Steve Yzerman scores his final NHL goal (#692) against the Calgary Flames

NHL Legend Steve Yzerman
NHL Legend
Steve Yzerman
  • 2006-07-03 Detroit Red Wings legend Steve Yzerman officially retires from the NHL, finishing with 692 goals and 1,755 points

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2009-07-09 Joe Sakic retires after 21 NHL seasons with the Quebec Nordiques/Colorado Avalanche franchise, finishing with 625 goals and 1,641 points

NHL Legend Joe Sakic
NHL Legend
Joe Sakic
  • 2012-02-02 NHL player Sam Gagner becomes the first player to scores eight points in one game for the Edmonton Oilers against the Chicago Blackhawks since 1989
  • 2012-09-16 NHL locks out its players after the expiry of the collective bargaining agreement
  • 2012-11-24 The continued NHL lockout results in all games to December 14 being cancelled
  • 2012-12-21 The NHL announces a further cancellation of games until January 14 bringing the total number of cancelled games to 625
  • 2013-01-06 The NHL reaches an agreement to end a 113 day lockout
  • 2013-01-19 The 2012-2013 NHL season begins after a 119-day lockout
  • 2013-06-24 Stanley Cup: Chicago Blackhawks defeat Boston Bruins 4-2
  • 2014-06-24 Sidney Crosby wins the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Ted Lindsay Award for the 2014 NHL season
  • 2015-06-24 Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price wins the 2014-15 Hart Trophy as the NHL's MVP
  • 2015-06-26 Connor McDavid is selected by the Edmonton Oilers as the first draft pick for the 2015 NHL Entry Draft
  • 2016-06-22 NHL owners meeting unanimously approves the Las Vegas expansion bid to start play in the 2017-18 season.
  • 2016-10-12 Auston Matthews becomes 1st player to score 4 goals in his NHL debut for the Toronto Maple Leafs at Ottawa
  • 2016-11-22 'Vegas Golden Knights' is revealed as the Las Vegas NHL expansion team's name
  • 2017-10-06 Vegas Golden Knights win first ever NHL game 2-1 away to the Dallas Stars

Birthdays in Sport

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  • 1967-11-03 Rob Cowie, NHL defenseman (LA Kings), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1967-11-18 Jocelyn Lemieux, Mont Laurier, NHL right wing (Calgary Flames)
  • 1967-11-23 Brian Glynn, Iserlohn Ger, NHL defenseman (Hartford Whalers)
  • 1967-11-27 Garry Valk, Edmonton, NHL left wing (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
  • 1967-12-17 Vincent Damphousse, NHL center (Montreal Canadiens), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1967-12-18 Bob Corkum, Salisbury, NHL center (Philadelphia Flyers)
  • 1968-01-03 Kerry Huffman, Peterborough, NHL defenseman (Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa)
  • 1968-01-05 Joe Juneau, Pont-rouge, NHL center (Washington Capitals)
  • 1968-01-08 Alexander Alexeev, NHL defenseman (Belarus, Olympics 1998)
  • 1968-02-01 Mark Recchi, Kamloops, NHL right wing (Montreal Canadiens)
  • 1968-02-03 Frantisek Kucera, NHL defenseman (Vanc Canucks, Olympic gold 1998), born in Prague, Czechoslovakia
  • 1968-02-07 Peter Bondra, Lutsk Ukr, NHL right wing (Washington Capitals)
  • 1968-02-10 Peter Popovic, Swedish NHL defenseman (Montreal Canadiens), born in K√∂ping, Sweden
  • 1968-02-19 Rob Dimaio, NHL right wing (Philadelphia Flyers), born in Calgary, Alberta
  • 1968-02-26 Leif Rohlin, Vasteras Swe, NHL defenseman (Vancouver Canucks)
  • 1968-02-27 Mike Sullivan, Marshfield, NHL center (Calgary Flames)
  • 1968-03-03 Brian Leetch, NHL defenseman (Team USA, NY Rangers), born in Corpus Christi, Texas
  • 1968-03-05 Shjon Podein, NHL left wing (Philadelphia Flyers), born in Rochester, New York
  • 1968-03-08 Rob Zettler, Sept-iles, NHL defenseman (Toronto Maple Leafs)
  • 1968-03-21 Johan Garpenlov, NHL left wing (Florida Panthers), born in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1968-04-12 Adam Graves, Canadian left wing hockey player (NY Rangers), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1968-04-22 Zarley Zalapski, Edmonton, NHL defenseman (Calgary Flames)
  • 1968-04-30 Richard Pilon, Saskatoon, NHL defenseman (NY Islanders)
  • 1968-05-04 Kevin Todd, Canadian ice hockey NHL center (LA Kings), born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • 1968-05-19 Mark Janssens, Surrey, NHL center (Hartford Whalers)
  • 1968-06-01 Jeff Hackett, NHL goalie (Chicago Blackhawks), born in London, England
  • 1968-06-08 Rob Ray, Belleville, NHL left wing (Buffalo Sabres)
  • 1968-06-21 Darryl Shannon, Barrie, NHL defenseman (Buffalo Sabres)
  • 1968-06-29 Theoren Fleury, Oxbow Sask, NHL right wing (Calgary Flames, Canada)
  • 1968-07-03 Teppo Numminen, Tampere Fin, NHL defenseman (Winnipeg Jets, Coyotes)
  • 1968-07-08 Glen Featherstone, NHL defenseman (Hartford Whalers), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1968-07-21 Lyle Odelein, Quill Lake Sask, NHL defenseman (Team Canada, Montreal)
  • 1968-08-10 Alex Andrievski, NHL forward (Team Belarus, Olympics 1998)
  • 1968-08-12 Viktor Karatchoun, NHL forward (Team Belarus, Olympics 1998)
  • 1968-08-15 Vassili Pankov, NHL forward (Team Belarus, Olympics 1998)
  • 1968-08-24 Benoit Brunet, Pointe Claire, NHL left wing (Montreal Canadiens)
  • 1968-08-28 Tom Fitzgerald, Melrose, NHL right wing (Florida Panthers)
  • 1968-08-30 Vladimir Malakhov, Sverdlovsk Russia, NHL defenseman (Montreal Canadiens)
  • 1968-09-17 Valeri Zelepukin, NHL forward (NJ Devils, Team Russia Olympic silver 1998)
  • 1968-10-02 Glen Wesley, Red Deer, NHL defenseman (Hartford Whalers)
  • 1968-10-11 Claude Lapointe, Lachine, NHL center (Calgary Flames)
  • 1968-10-22 Stephane Quintal, Boucherville, NHL defenseman (Montreal Canadiens)
  • 1968-11-08 Keith Jones, Brantford, NHL right wing (Washington Capitals)
  • 1968-11-13 Mark Fitzpatrick, NHL goalie (Florida Panthers), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1968-12-25 Jim Dowd, Brick, NHL center (Vancouver Canucks)
  • 1968-12-30 Kevin Dahl, Regina, NHL defenseman (Calgary Flames)
  • 1969-01-02 Rick Tabaracci, NHL goalie (Calgary Flames), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1969-01-02 Robert Svehla, Martin Cze, NHL defenseman (Florida Panthers, Slovakia)
  • 1969-01-03 Steve Poapst, Cornwall, NHL defenseman (Washington Capitals)
  • 1969-01-12 Cam Russell, NHL defenseman (Chicago Blackhawks), born in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • 1969-01-15 Adam Burt, NHL defenseman (Hartford Whalers), born in Detroit, Michigan
  • 1969-01-23 Brendan Shanahan, Mimico Ont, NHL left wing (Whalers, Red Wings)
  • 1969-02-02 Jody Hull, Cambridge, NHL right wing (Florida Panthers)
  • 1969-02-04 Dallas Drake, Trail, NHL center (Winnipeg Jets)
  • 1969-02-04 Joe Sacco, Medford, NHL right wing (Anaheim Mighty Ducks), born in Medford, Massachusetts
  • 1969-02-18 Alexander Mogilny, Khavarovsk, 1st soviet to defect to NHL (Sabres)
  • 1969-02-18 Igor Larionov, Voskresensk Russia, NHL forward (Team Russia, Detroit)
  • 1969-02-28 Shawn McEachern, Waltham MA, NHL forward (Boston Bruins, Senators)
  • 1969-03-07 Geoff Smith, Edmonton, NHL defenseman (Florida Panthers)
  • 1969-03-11 Dan Lacroix, NHL left wing (NY Rangers), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1969-03-13 Kevin Kaminski, Canadian ice hockey player, born in Churchbridge, Canada
  • 1969-03-26 Luke Richardson, NHL defenseman (Edmonton Oilers), born in Ottawa, Ontario
  • 1969-03-30 Mark Astley, NHL defenseman (Buffalo Sabres), born in Calgary, Alberta
  • 1969-04-01 Kevin Dean, Madison, NHL defenseman (NJ Devils)
  • 1969-04-10 Dennis Vial, Canadian NHL defenseman (Ottawa Senators), born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
  • 1969-04-14 David Archibald, Chilliwack, NHL center (Ottawa Senators)
  • 1969-04-18 Vladimir Tsyplakov, Inta Russia, NHL left wing (LA Kings, Belarus 1998)
  • 1969-05-21 Reid Simpson, Flin Flon, NHL left wing (NJ Devils)
  • 1969-05-28 Damian Rhodes, NHL goalie (Ottawa Senators), born in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • 1969-06-12 Mathieu Schneider, American NHL defenseman (NY Islanders, Toronto), born in NYC, New York
  • 1969-06-14 Eric Desjardins, Rauyn Quebec, NHL defenseman (Philadelphia Flyers, Canada)
  • 1969-06-15 Jesse Belanger, St-georges De Beau, NHL center (Vancouver Canucks)
  • 1969-06-15 Sheldon Kennedy, Brandon, NHL right wing (Calgary Flames)
  • 1969-06-30 Jim Montgomery, NHL center (Philadelphia Flyers), born in Montreal, Quebec
  • 1969-06-30 Ken Gernander, Grand Rapids, NHL center (NY Rangers)
  • 1969-07-05 John Leclair, St Albans VT, NHL forward (Team USA, Philadelphia)

Person of interestJoe Sakic

1969-07-07 Joe Sakic, Canadian NHL center (Colorado Avalanche, Canada 1998-2002), born in Burnaby, British Columbia

NHL Legend Joe Sakic
NHL Legend
Joe Sakic
  • 1969-07-17 Tommy Soderstrom, NHL goalie (Sweden, NY Islanders), born in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1969-07-23 Andrew Cassels, Bramalea, NHL center (Hartford Whalers)
  • 1969-07-23 Dimitri Khristich, Kiev Ukr, NHL left wing (LA Kings)
  • 1969-07-27 Jason Woolley, NHL defenseman (Florida Panthers), born in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1969-08-10 Iain Fraser, Scarborough, NHL center (Winnipeg Jets)
  • 1969-08-15 James Black, Regina, NHL center (Chicago Blackhawks)

Person of interestPierre Turgeon

1969-08-28 Pierre Turgeon, Canadian NHL center (NY Islanders, Montreal Canadiens), born in Rouyn, Quebec

NHL Star Pierre Turgeon
NHL Star
Pierre Turgeon
  • 1969-08-31 Andrei Trefilov, Kirovo Russia, NHL goalie (Buffalo Sabres, Olympic silver 1998)
  • 1969-09-17 Rob Zamuner, NHL forward (Tampa Bay Lightning, Team Canada 1998)
  • 1969-10-01 Igor Ulanov, Krasnokamsk Russia, NHL defenseman (Tampa Bay Lightning)
  • 1969-10-19 Zdeno Ciger, Martin Slo, NHL left wing (Edmonton Oilers)
  • 1969-10-25 Josef Beranek, Czech NHL center (Vancouver Canucks, Olympic Gold 1998), born in Litvinov
  • 1969-10-27 Corey Foster, NHL defenseman (Pitts Penguins), born in Ottawa, Ontario
  • 1969-11-01 Tie Domi, Windsor, NHL right wing (Toronto Maple Leafs)
  • 1969-11-03 Jim Mckenzie, Gull Lake, NHL left wing (Winnipeg Jets)
  • 1969-11-10 Ed Ward, Edmonton, NHL right wing (Calgary Flames)
  • 1969-12-08 Darrin Shannon, Barrie, NHL left wing (Winnipeg Jets)
  • 1969-12-10 Rob Blake, NHL defenseman (Team Canada, LA Kings), born in Simcoe, Ontario
  • 1969-12-13 Sergei Fedorov, Pskov Russia, NHL forward (Detroit, Olympic silver 1998)
  • 1969-12-19 Scott Pearson, Cornwall, NHL left wing (Buffalo Sabres)
  • 1970-01-08 Jon Klemm, NHL defenseman (Colorado Avalanche), born in Calgary, Alberta
  • 1970-01-14 Eric Charron, Verdun, NHL defenseman (Washington Capitals)
  • 1970-01-17 Jeremy Roenick, NHL center (Team USA, Blackhawks, Coyotes), born in Boston, Massachusetts

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