Sports Stars Married and Divorced in 1949

Weddings in Sport

Tom Landry

Jan 28 NFL coach Tom Landry (24) weds Alicia Wiggs at St John the Divine Church in Houston, Texas

Jacques Plante

Apr 30 Ice hockey goaltender Jacques Plante (20) weds Jacqueline Gagne in Quebec, Canada

Rita Hayworth

May 27 American "Gilda" actress Rita Hayworth (31) weds Pakistani race horse owner Prince Aly Khan (37); separate in 1951, divorce finalized in 1953

Pete Rozelle

Jun 11 NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle (23) weds artist Jane Coupe

Sonja Henie

Sep 15 Figure skater and actress Sonja Henie (36) weds Winthrop Gardner Jr.

Ty Cobb

Sep 24 Retired American MLB outfielder Ty Cobb (61) weds American divorcée Frances Cass (40); divorce in 1956