On This Day

Famous Weddings & Divorces on April 29

Famous Weddings

Edith Wharton

1885 Novelist Edith Wharton (23) weds Edward Robbins Wharton (35)

Adolf Hitler

1945 Adolf Hitler (56) marries Eva Braun (33) in the Führerbunker, Berlin

Sidney Poitier

1950 Actor Sidney Poitier (23) weds model Juanita Hardy

  • 1964 Princess Irene marries Spanish prince Carel Hugo de Bourbon Parma
  • 1988 "60 Minutes" newscaster Diane Sawyer weds film director Mike Nichols
  • 1989 Rock band Bon Jovi lead singer Jon Bon Jovi (27) weds Dorothea Hurley (26) at Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas
  • 2004 "Gentlemen's Agreement" Oscar Best Supporting Actress Celeste Holm (87) weds opera singer Frank Basile (41) in Manhattan
  • 2006 "The O.C." actress Amanda Righetti (23) weds film director and writer Jordan Alan in Oahu, Hawaii
  • 2006 Ranchera singer Lupillo Rivera weds Mayeli in Garden Grove, California

Wedding of Interest

2011 Royal wedding of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine [Kate] Middleton held at Westminister Abbey, London

  • 2017 Actress Carlson Young weds Foster the People member and producer Isom Innis in Fort Worth, Texas