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Famous Weddings & Divorces on April 30

Famous Weddings

  • 1290 Joan of Acre (18), daughter of Edward I marries (1) Gilbert de Clare, Duke of Hertford at Westminster Abbey.

Walter Hagen

1923 Golfer champion Walter Hagen (30) weds Edna Straus at the Hotel Biltmore in New York

Donald Bradman

1932 Australian Test cricket batsman Don Bradman (23) weds Jessie Martha Menzies at St Paul's Anglican Church in Burwood, Sydney

Douglas MacArthur

1937 General Douglas MacArthur (57) marries 2nd wife Jean Faircloth

Jacques Plante

1949 Ice hockey goaltender Jacques Plante (20) weds Jacqueline Gagne in Quebec, Canada

  • 1960 American Olympic men's figure skating gold medallist (1956) Hayes Alan Jenkins marries Olympic women's champion Carol Heiss in NYC, NY

Tom Hanks

1988 Actor Tom Hanks (31) weds actress Rita Wilson (31)

Robin Williams

1989 Actor and comedian Robin Williams (37) weds nanny Marsha Garces at a private ceremony in Lake Tahoe, California

Alex Trebek

1990 Game show host Alex Trebek (49) weds real-estate mogul Jean Currivan (27) at the Regency Club in Los Angeles


1994 Soccer great Pele (53) weds psychologist Assiria Seixas Lemos (36)

Rosanne Cash

1995 Country singer Rosanne Cash (39) weds record producer John Leventhal (42)

Max Von Sydow

1997 Actor Max Von Sydow (68) weds filmmaker Catherine Brelet

Ronan Keating

1998 Boyzone singer Ronan Keating (21) weds model Yvonne Connolly at the Caribbean isle of Nevis

  • 2007 "Timbiriche" pop singer Paulina Rubio (35) weds Spanish public relations executive Nicolas "Colate" Vallejo Najera in Cancun, Quintana Roo

Wedding of Interest

2008 Singer-songwriter Mariah Carey (41) weds actor and rapper Nick Cannon (31) at Bahamian estate on the island of Windermere

  • 2011 Actor Lorenzo Lamas (53) weds model Shawna Craig at Casa Dorada Resort in Cabo, San Lucas