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Famous Weddings & Divorces on April 7

Famous Weddings

Jimmie Rodgers

1920 Country singer Jimmie Rodgers (22) weds Carrie Williamson

Charles de Gaulle

1921 French army captain, and future president, Charles de Gaulle (30) weds Yvonne Vendroux (20) in the Notre-Dame de Calais church

Donald Trump

1977 Businessman Donald Trump (30) weds his first wife Czech model Ivana Zelníčková (28) at the Marble Collegiate Church in Manhattan, New York

Rosanne Cash

1979 American country singer Rosanne Cash (23) weds American singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell (28)

Russell Crowe

2003 Academy Award "Gladiator" actor Russell Crowe (39) weds singer Danielle Spencer (32) at his 560-acre cattle farm in Nana Glen, New South Wales, Australia

  • 2007 "Scrubs" actor John C. McGinley (47) weds yoga instructor Nichole Kessler at their home in Malibu

Famous Divorces

Shannen Doherty

1994 Actress Shannen Doherty files for divorce from Ashley Hamilton