Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1843

Famous Weddings

Kit Carson

Feb 6 American Frontiersman Kit Carson (33) weds Mexican socialite Josefa Jaramillo (14) at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, in Taos, Mexico

  • Apr 23 Samuel Gridley Howe, American physician and educator, marries Julia Ward, American poet and author

Karl Marx

Jun 19 Philosopher Karl Marx (25) weds Jenny von Westphalen in Germany

John A. Macdonald

Sep 1 Prime Minister of Canada John A. Macdonald (28) weds his cousin Isabella Clark

Mary Baker Eddy

Dec 10 Author and religious leader Mary Baker Eddy (22) weds building contractor George Washington Glover (32) in Tilton, New Hampshire

David Farragut

Dec 26 US Navy flag officer David Farragut (42) weds Virginia Loyall