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Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1933

Famous Weddings

  • Jun 17 Vernon Presley marries Gladys Love Smith

John Wayne

Jun 24 Actor John Wayne (26) weds Josephine Saenz (25) in Los Angeles

Fred Astaire

Jul 12 Fifth Greatest Male Star of All Time Fred Astaire (34) weds socialite Phyllis Livingston Potter (25)

Jack Dempsey

Jul 18 Heavyweight boxing champ Jack Dempsey (38) weds broadway singer Hannah Williams (22)

Hedy Lamarr

Aug 10 Actress Hedy Lamarr (19) weds Hirtenberger Patronen-Fabrik chairman Friedrich Mandl (33)

Sam Giancana

Sep 23 American gangster Sam Giancana (25) weds Angeline DeTolve

  • Sep 28 Sally Eilers weds Harry Joe Brown

Greer Garson

Sep 28 Actress Greer Garson (29) weds first husband Edward Snelson (29)

Lou Gehrig

Sep 29 NY Yankees first baseman Lou Gehrig (30) weds Eleanor Twitchell in New Rochelle, New York

Johnny Weissmuller

Oct 8 American actor Johnny Weissmuller marries Mexican actress Lupe Lupe VĂ©lez (divorced 1939)

Ramon Magsaysay

Nov 16 Ramon Magsaysay, latter President of the Philippines (26) weds Luz Banzon (18) at Lourdes church in Manila

  • Dec 2 1st transatlantic telephone wedding (Bertil Clason-Sigrid Carlson)

Gary Cooper

Dec 15 American actor Gary Cooper (32) weds American actress Veronica Balfe (20) at her mother's home on Park Avenue, New York City