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Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1934

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 7 Dutch Princess Juliana marries German prince Bernhard von Lippe-Biesterfeld

Lou Costello

Jan 30 American comedian and actor Lou Costello (27) weds American burlesque dancer Anne Battler (21)

Salvador Dali

Jan 30 Painter Salvador Dali (30) weds Gala Dali (39) in a civil ceremony in Paris

Cary Grant

Feb 10 British-born actor "North by Northwest" Cary Grant (30) weds "City Lights" actress Virginia Cherrill (26)

Bob Hope

Feb 19 US entertainer Bob Hope weds fellow entertainer Dolores DeFina

Kim Philby

Feb 24 High-ranking member of British intelligence Kim Philby (22) weds communist Litzi Friedmann in Vienna, Austria

Edward Teller

Feb 26 Theoretical physicist Edward Teller (25) weds Augusta Maria Harkanyi

Bảo Đại

Mar 20 Vietnam emperor Bảo Đại (20) weds empress Nam Phương (19) at the imperial city of Huế

Byron Nelson

Jun 24 Golfer Byron Nelson (22) weds Louise Shofner

Kenneth Patchen

Jun 28 Novelist Kenneth Patchen (22) weds Miriam Patchen in nearby Sharon, Pennsylvania

Gloria Stuart

Jul 29 "Titanic" actress Gloria Stuart (24) weds screenwriter Arthur Sheekman (33)

Leo Durocher

Sep 27 American baseball player and manager Leo Durocher (28) weds American socialite and businesswoman Grace Dozier; divorce in 1943

  • Sep 29 Cult horror actor Rondo Hatton weds seamstress Mabel Housh

Syngman Rhee

Oct 8 South Korean President Syngman Rhee (59) weds Francesca Donner (34)

Ginger Rogers

Nov 13 American actress and dancer Ginger Rogers (23) weds "All Quiet on the Western Front" actor Lew Ayres (25); divorce in 1940

  • Nov 29 Prince George, Duke of Kent, weds princess Marina of Greece and Denmark

Famous Divorces

Curly Lambeau

May 23 First wife Marguerite Van Kessel divorces NFL player Curly Lambeau (36) after 14 years of marriage

Gloria Swanson

Nov 7 Actress Gloria Swanson (35) divorces Michael Farmer after 3 years of marriage