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Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1942

Famous Weddings

Ava Gardner

Jan 10 Actress Ava Gardner (19) weds actor Mickey Rooney (21) in Ballard, California

Indira Gandhi

Mar 26 Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi (25) weds politician and journalist Feroze Gandhi (29) at Anand Bhavan

Jack Kirby

May 23 Comic book artist Jack Kirby (24) weds Roz Goldstein

Myrna Loy

Jun 6 "The Thin Man" actress Myrna Loy (36) weds John Hertz Jr. in New York City

Marilyn Monroe

Jun 19 Actress Marilyn Monroe (16) marries first husband James Dougherty (21), a policeman

  • Jun 21 Jacqueline Kennedy's mother Janet Bouvier marries Standard Oil heir Hugh Auchincloss

Cary Grant

Jul 8 British born actor "His Girl Friday" Cary Grant (38) weds American heiress and socialite Barbara Hutton (29)

Lana Turner

Jul 17 American movie actress Lana Turner (21) weds 2nd husband, American actor and restaurateur Steve Crane (annulled due to uncompleted divorce from prior marriage)

Isaac Asimov

Jul 26 Science fiction author Isaac Asimov (22) weds Gertrude Blugerman in Brooklyn, New York

Janet Leigh

Aug 1 Future American actress Janet Leigh (15) weds childhood sweetheart John Kenneth Carlisle (18) in Reno, Nevada; annulled in December

Ben Bradlee

Aug 8 Journalist Ben Bradlee (20) weds Jean Saltonstall

  • Aug 23 "King Kong" actress Fay Wray (34) weds screenwriter and playwright Robert Riskin (45)

Maurice Richard

Sep 17 Ice hockey player Maurice Richard (20) weds Lucille Norchet (17)

Gregory Peck

Oct 4 Actor Gregory Peck (26) weds real estate broker Greta Kukkonen (31)

Louis Armstrong

Oct 12 Jazz musician Louis Armstrong (41) weds dancer Lucille Wilson (28)

Famous Divorces

Mae West

Jul 21 Actress Mae West (48) divorces vaudeville performer Frank Wallace after 31 years of marriage

Louis Armstrong

Oct 2 Jazz musician Louis Armstrong (41) divorces Alpha Smith after 4 years of marriage

Mary Astor

Dec 15 Actress Mary Astor (36) divorces film editor Manuel del Campo (29) after more than 4 years of marriage

Janet Leigh

Dec 28 American actress Janet Leigh (15) granted annulment of 4 month marriage to childhood sweetheart John Kenneth Carlisle (18)