Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1944

Famous Weddings

Ralph Richardson

Jan 26 Actor Ralph Richardson (41) weds actress Meriel Forbes (30)

Charlton Heston

Mar 17 American actor Charlton Heston (20) weds American actress and photographer Lydia Clarke (20)

Ted Williams

May 4 Baseball player Ted Williams marries Doris Soule (divorced 1954)

Burgess Meredith

May 21 American actor Burgess Meredith (36) weds American actress Paulette Goddard (33) at film studio executive David O. Selznick's Beverly Hills home - third time for each; divorce in 1949

Sugar Ray Robinson

May 29 Boxing champion Sugar Ray Robinson (23) weds Edna Mae Holly

Susan Hayward

Jul 23 Actress Susan Hayward (27) weds actor Jess Barker (32) at St. Thomas Church in Los Angeles, California

Jack Kerouac

Aug 22 Writer Jack Kerouac (22) weds author Edie Kerouac Parker

Yul Brynner

Sep 6 Actor Yul Brynner (24) weds actress Virginia Gilmore (25) at the Los Angeles County Courthouse; divorce in 1960

Jerry Lewis

Oct 3 American comedian Jerry Lewis (18) marries American singer Patti Palmer (22); divorce in 1980

Aga Khan III

Oct 9 Nizari Imam Aga Khan III (67) weds 1930 Miss France Yvonne Blanche Labrousse (38) in Geneva, Switzerland

B.B. King

Nov 11 Blues musician B.B. King (19) marries his first wife Martha Denton

Eileen Ford

Nov 20 Model agency executive Eileen Ottensoser (22) weds businessman Gerard W. Ford (20) in San Francisco, California

Hank Williams

Dec 15 Country music star Hank Williams (21) weds Audrey Sheppard. It was her second marriage and his first.

  • Dec 16 General Dwight D. Eisenhower's clerk Rickey marries corporal Pearlie