Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1947

Famous Weddings

Wernher von Braun

Mar 1 Rocket engineer Wernher von Braun (34) weds Maria Luise von Quistorp (18) at a Lutheran church in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany

George Mikan

May 17 NBA center George Mikan (22) weds college sweetheart Patricia Lu Daveny

Edward W. Brooke

Jun 7 US Senator Edward W. Brooke (27) weds first wife Remigia Ferrari-Scacco

  • Sep 27 Fantasy and sci-fiction writer Ray Bradbury (27) weds Marguerite McClure (25)

Wedding of Interest

Nov 20 Future British Queen Princess Elizabeth II (21) weds Lt Philip Mountbatten (26) in Westminster Abbey, London

Stan Lee

Dec 5 "Spider-Man" creator Stan Lee (24) weds Joan Clayton Boocock

Ella Fitzgerald

Dec 10 American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald (30) weds American jazz bass player Ray Brown (21); divorce in 1953

Estelle Getty

Dec 21 Actress Estelle Getty (24) weds Arthur Gettleman


Dec 26 President of Indonesia Suharto (26) weds Siti Hartinah (24) in Surakarta at a traditional Javanese ceremony

Famous Divorces

D. W. Griffith

Nov 1 Film director D. W. Griffith (72) divorces actress Evelyn Baldwin (37) after 11 years of marriage

Divorce of Interest

Nov 10 American "Gilda" actress Rita Hayworth (28) divorces American actor-director-wunderkind Orson Welles (32) after just over 4 years of marriage