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Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1949

Famous Weddings

  • Jan 18 South African Rev Andries Treurnicht marries Engela Dreyer

Tom Landry

Jan 28 NFL coach Tom Landry (24) weds Alicia Wiggs at St John the Divine Church in Houston, Texas

Henry Kissinger

Feb 6 Diplomat Henry Kissinger (25) weds Ann Fleisher (23) in Washington Heights, Manhattan

Mário Soares

Feb 22 Future Portuguese President Mário Soares (24) weds actress Maria de Jesus Barroso (24) at the 3rd Conservatory of the Civil Register of Lisbon

Mike Wallace

Mar 11 CBS news correspondent Mike Wallace (30) weds actress Buff Cobb (21) in Cook County, Illinois

Jacques Plante

Apr 30 Ice hockey goaltender Jacques Plante (20) weds Jacqueline Gagne in Quebec, Canada

David Lean

May 21 Film director David Lean (41) weds actress and producer Ann Todd (40) in London

Rita Hayworth

May 27 American "Gilda" actress Rita Hayworth (31) weds Pakistani race horse owner Prince Aly Khan (37); separate in 1951, divorce finalized in 1953

Anwar Sadat

May 29 President of Egypt Anwar Sadat (30) weds human rights activist Jehan Raouf (16) in Egypt

Pete Rozelle

Jun 11 NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle (23) weds artist Jane Coupe

Hattie McDaniel

Jun 11 American Actress Hattie McDaniel (54) weds interior decorator Larry Williams in Yuma, Arizona; divorced 1950

Jim Jones

Jun 12 Religious leader Jim Jones (18) weds nurse Marceline Baldwin

Milton Berle

Jun 16 Entertainer Milton Berle (40) marries actress Joyce Matthews (29) for the second time (divorced for the second time 1950)

Billy Wilder

Jun 30 Austrian-American filmmaker Billy Wilder (43) weds American actress and singer Audrey Young (27)

Jennifer Jones

Jul 13 Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Jones (30) weds "Rebecca" film producer David O. Selznick (47) in Beverly Hills, California

James Stewart

Aug 9 Film and stage actor Jimmy Stewart (41) weds former model Gloria Hatrick McLean (31) at the Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles

Francis Crick

Aug 11 Molecular biologist Francis Crick (33) weds artist Odile Speed (29)

Angela Lansbury

Aug 12 Multi-Tony award-winning actress Angela Lansbury (23) weds actor and producer Peter Shaw (31) at St. Columba's Presbyterian Church of Scotland in London, England

Dean Martin

Sep 1 Singer and actor Dean Martin marries second wife actress Jeanne Biegger (divorced 1973)

Sonja Henie

Sep 15 Figure skater and actress Sonja Henie (36) weds Winthrop Gardner Jr.

  • Sep 29 George Lascelles marries Maria Stein

Johnny Carson

Oct 1 Television host and comedian Johnny Carson (23) weds Joan Morrill Wolcott (23) at the North Platte Episcopalian Church

Phyllis Schlafly

Oct 20 American constitutional lawyer Phyllis Stewart (25) weds attorney John Fred Schlafly, Jr.

Clark Gable

Dec 20 "Gone With The Wind" actor Clark Gable (48) weds socialite Sylvia Ashley (45)

Cary Grant

Dec 25 British actor Cary Grant (45) weds actress Betsy Drake (26)

Famous Divorces

Doris Day

May 31 American singer and actress Doris Day (27) divorces American saxophonist George Weidler (23) after 3 years of marriage

Burgess Meredith

Jun 8 Actor Burgess Meredith (41) divorces actress Paulette Goddard (39) after 5 years of marriage

Janet Leigh

Sep 7 American actress Janet Leigh (22) divorces American sailor Stanley Reames after almost 4 years of marriage