Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1965

Famous Weddings

Michael Crichton

Jan 1 Novelist Michael Crichton (22) weds high school sweetheart Joan Radam

Ringo Starr

Feb 11 Beatle drummer Ringo Starr (25) weds British hairdresser Maureen Cox (18) at the Caxton Hall Register Office, London; divorce in 1975

  • May 6 Britis singer Mariane Faithfull weds British artist John Dunbar in Cambridge, England with Peter Asher as the best man; divorce in 1966

Martin Scorsese

May 15 Director Martin Scorsese (22) weds Laraine Brennan in New York

Sugar Ray Robinson

May 25 Boxing champion Sugar Ray Robinson (44) weds Millie Bruce in Los Angeles

Rita Moreno

Jun 18 Actress and singer Rita Moreno (33) weds cardiologist Leonard Gordon

Joni Mitchell

Jun 19 Canadian folk singer-songwriter Joni Anderson (henceforth known as Joni Mitchell) weds American folk singer Chuck Mitchell in Port Huron, Michigan; divorce in 1967

Bob Pettit

Jun 19 NBA forward Bob Pettit (32) weds Carole Crowell in Alexandria, Louisiana

Lana Turner

Jun 22 American movie actress Lana Turner (44) weds 6th husband, movie producer Robert P. Eaton (34) in Arlington, Virginia; divorce in 1969

Merle Haggard

Jun 28 American country singer Merle Haggard (28) weds singer Bonnie Owens (35); divorce in 1978

John McCain

Jul 3 Naval pilot John McCain marries first wife model Carol Shepp (divorced 1980)

Joan Rivers

Jul 15 Actress Joan Rivers (32) weds TV producer Edgar Rosenberg

Jane Fonda

Aug 14 Former fashion model and fitness guru Jane Fonda (27) weds director and producer Roger Vadim (37) in Las Vegas

Henry Hill

Aug 26 Mobster and FBI informant Henry Hill (22) weds Karen Friedman in North Carolina; separate in 1989; divorce in 2002

Billie Jean King

Sep 17 American future tennis star Billie Jean Moffitt (21) weds American future attorney and sports promoter Larry King (20) in Long Beach, California; divorce in 1987

Danielle Steel

Sep 25 Novelist Danielle Steel (18) weds banker Claude-Eric Lazard

Phyllis Diller

Oct 7 Actress and comedian Phyllis Diller (48) weds actor Warde Donovan

  • Oct 16 American singer Leslie Uggams (32) weds her childhood friend and later manager Grahame Pratt in NYC
  • Nov 10 Netherlands 2nd Chamber accept marriage of Princess Beatrice & Claus von Amsberg

Judy Garland

Nov 14 American singer and actress Judy Garland (43) weds American actor Mark Herron (37); divorce in 1969

Bob Dylan

Nov 22 American folk singer Bob Dylan (24) weds American model and actress Sara Lowndes (26); divorce in 1977

Tony Hancock

Dec 2 Comedian Tony Hancock (40) weds publicist Freddie Ross (35)