Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1969

Famous Weddings

Audrey Hepburn

Jan 18 Actress Audrey Hepburn (39) marries 2nd husband Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti; divorce in 1982

Tammy Wynette

Feb 16 American country singer Tammy Wynette (26) weds American country singer-songwriter George Jones (37), divorced 1975

Maurice Gibb

Feb 18 Scottish pop singer Lulu (20) weds British rock musician Maurice Gibb (19); divorce in 1973

  • Mar 8 12 year old Marcella Rosciglione becomes Italy's youngest bride in Palermo after Catholic Church gives special permission after she eloped

Ray Kroc

Mar 8 CEO of McDonald's Ray Kroc (66) weds philanthropist Joan Mansfield (40)

Paul & Linda McCartney

Mar 12 Beatle Paul McCartney (26) marries American photographer Linda Eastman (27) at Marylebone Register's Office in London

Judy Garland

Mar 15 American singer and actress Judy Garland (46) weds American nightclub manager Mickey Deans, at Chelsea Register Office, London, England

John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Mar 20 British Beatle John Lennon (28) weds Japanese artist Yoko Ono (36) in Gibraltar, near Spain (his second marriage, her third), until his death in 1980

F. W. de Klerk

Apr 11 Future South African president F. W. de Klerk marries Marike Willemse

Dustin Hoffman

May 4 Actor Dustin Hoffman (31) weds actress Anne Byrne (25)

Lana Turner

May 9 American movie actress Lana Turner (48) weds 7th husband, hypnotist Ronald Pellar (39); divorce in 1972

  • Jun 15 British-American romance novelist, Jackie Collins (31) weds 2nd husband, American theatrical producer Oscar Lerman (49), at the home of her sister Joan

Leo Durocher

Jun 19 American baseball manager Leo Durocher (63) weds socialite Lynne Walker Goldblatt (40) at the Ambassador West Hotel in Chicago; divorce in 1980

R. L. Stine

Jun 22 Writer and producer R. L. Stine (25) weds editor Jane Waldhorn

  • Jul 26 "The 5th Dimension" lead vocalist Marilyn McCoo (25) weds fellow bandmate Billy Davis, Jr. (31)

Robert F. Engle

Aug 10 American economist Robert F. Engle (26) weds psychologist Marianne Eger

Lech Wałęsa

Sep 8 Polish politician and trade-union organizer Lech Wałęsa (25) weds Danuta Golos (20)

Robert Evans & Ali MacGraw

Oct 24 "Love Story" actress Ali MacGraw (30) weds film producer Robert Evans (39)

Waylon Jennings

Oct 26 American outlaw country singer-songwriter Waylon Jennings (32) weds American singer Jessi Colter (26) in Phoenix, Arizona

Julie Andrews & Blake Edwards

Nov 12 American filmmaker Blake Edwards (47) weds "The Sound of Music" actress Julie Andrews (34) in Beverly Hills, California

  • Dec 17 40 million TV viewers watch American singer Tiny Tim (37) marry Miss Vicki Budinger (17), on "The Tonight Show"; divorce in 1977

Harry Nilsson

Dec 31 American singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson (28) weds second wife Diane Clatworthy (22) in Las Vegas, Nevada: divorce in 1974

Famous Divorces

Rod Taylor

Sep 18 Actor Rod Taylor (39) divorces model Mary Hilem after 5 years of marriage