Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1970

Famous Weddings

Phil Hartman

Mar 12 Actor Phil Hartman (21) weds first wife Gretchen Lewis

David Bowie

Mar 20 British snger David Bowie (23) weds British model Angie Barnett, (20) at Bromley Register Office in Beckenham Lane, London; divorce in 1980

Sammy Davis Jr.

May 11 American entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr. (44) weds American entertainer Altovise Gore (26) in a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania courthouse by the Rev. Jesse Jackson

  • May 15 American actor Christopher George weds American actress Linda Day in Palm Beach, Florida, until his death

Al Gore

May 19 US Vice President Al Gore weds (22) weds author Tipper Aitcheson (21) at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

John Kerry

May 23 US Secretary of State John Kerry (26) weds heiress Julia Stimson Thorne (25)

  • Jun 4 "When Harry Met Sally" actor Billy Crystal (22) weds guidance counselor Janice Goldfinger

Mick Fleetwood

Jun 12 Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood (22) weds Jenny Boyd (23); divorce in 1975

Jim Morrison

Jun 21 "The Doors" lead singer Jim Morrison (26) "marries" author Patricia Kennealy (24) in a celtic pagan hand fasting ceremony, but the marriage is not legally binding

Jonas Salk

Jun 29 Medical researcher Jonas Salk (55) weds painter and author Fran├žoise Gilot (48) in Paris

Shelley Duvall

Jul 7 Actress Shelley Duvall (21) weds Bernard Sampson

  • Aug 2 American songwriter Sammy Cahn (57) weds American fashion designer Virginia "Tita" Curtis in California
  • Aug 4 "The Beach Boys" drummer Dennis Wilson (25) weds Barbara Charren (24)

Barry Gibb

Sep 1 British "Bee Gees" singer-songwriter Barry Gibb (24) weds former Miss Edinburgh Linda Ann Gray

Dick Wolf

Sep 5 Producer Dick Wolf (23) weds Susan Scranton

Stevie Wonder

Sep 14 American singer-songwriter Stevie Wonder (20) marries American singer-songwriter Syreeta "Rita" Wright (24); divorce in 1972

Christopher Plummer

Oct 2 Actor Christopher Plummer (40) weds actress Elaine Taylor (26) in Montreal, Quebec


Oct 2 Scottish singer Donovan (24) weds Linda Lawrence at Windsor Registry Office

John Major

Oct 3 75th Prime Minister of UK John Major (27) weds Norma Johnson (28) at St Matthew's Church, Brixton

Lee Marvin

Oct 18 Actor Lee Marvin (46) weds radio producer Pamela Feeley (40)

James Brown

Oct 22 Singer James Brown (37) weds Deidre Jenkins (25) in Barnwell, South Carolina; divorce in 1981

Dennis Hopper

Oct 31 American "Easy Rider" director and actor Dennis Hopper (34) weds American "The Mamas & the Papas" singer Michelle Phillips (26) in Mexico; divorce 8 days later

Famous Divorces

Dennis Hopper

Nov 8 American "The Mamas & the Papas" singer Michelle Phillips (26) divorces American "Easy Rider" director and actor Dennis Hopper (34) after only 8 days of marriage