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Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1979

Famous Weddings

John Carpenter

Jan 1 Film director John Carpenter (30) weds actress Adrienne Barbeau (33)

Kurt Russell

Mar 17 Actor Kurt Russell (28) weds actress Season Hubley (28)

Bob Denver

Mar 26 Comedic actor Bob Denver (44) weds fourth wife Dreama Peery

Rod Stewart

Apr 6 British singer Rod Stewart (34) weds American model and actress Alana Collins(33); divorce in 1984

Rosanne Cash

Apr 7 American country singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash (23) weds American singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell (28); divorce in 1992

John Candy

Apr 28 Actor and comedian John Candy (28) weds Rosemary Margaret Hobor at St. Basil's Church in Toronto, Canada

Edward W. Brooke

May 12 US Senator Edward W. Brooke (59) weds second wife Anne Lee Fleming

Eric Clapton

May 19 British guitarist Eric Clapton (34) marries model and George Harrison's ex-wife Pattie Boyd (35); divorce in 1989

Muddy Waters

Jun 5 American blues musician Muddy Waters (64) weds Marva Jean Brooks (25) in Chicago

  • Jul 8 British singer Marianne Faithfull (32) weds British punk rocker Ben Briefly; divorce in 1986
  • Aug 18 British rock singer-songwriter Nick Lowe (30) weds American country singer Carlene Carter (23) (her third marriage); divorce in 1990

Cat Stevens

Sep 9 British singer-songwriter Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) (31) weds Fouzia Ali at Kensington Mosque, in London

Tim Raines

Oct 16 MLB outfielder Tim Raines (20) weds his high school sweetheart Virginia Hilton

Kurt Vonnegut

Nov 24 Author Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (57) weds photographer Jill Krementz (39)

Liza Minnelli

Dec 4 American singer Liza Minnelli (33) weds (her 3rd) American sculptor Mark Gero; divorce 1992

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Dec 23 American blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan (25) weds Lenora "Lenny" Bailey; divorce in 1988

Famous Divorces

Max Von Sydow

Feb 26 Actor Max Von Sydow (49) divorces actress Christina Olin after 28 years of marriage

George Foreman

Aug 3 Professional boxer George Foreman (30) divorces Cynthia Lewis after more than a year of marriage

Peter O'Toole

Aug 14 Actors Peter O'Toole and Sian Phillips divorce after nearly twenty years of marriage