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Famous Weddings & Divorces in 1990

Famous Weddings

  • Feb 2 Marina Ogilvy (daughter of Engl princess Alexandra) weds Paul Mowatt

Rowan Atkinson

Feb 5 British comic actor Rowan Atkinson (35) weds Sunetra Sastry in New York

Axl Rose

Apr 28 Guns & Roses' singer Axl Rose marries Erin Everly (annulled same year)

Alex Trebek

Apr 30 Game show host Alex Trebek (49) weds real-estate mogul Jean Currivan (27) at the Regency Club in Los Angeles

  • May 5 "Crocodile Dundee" actors Paul Hogan (50) weds Linda Kozlowski (32) at their newly built $3 million mansion at Faraway Possum Creek in New South Wales, Australia

Patti Page

May 12 American singer Patti Page (62) weds Jerry Filiciotto

  • Jun 9 Kerry Kennedy (daughter of Robert) & Andrew Coumo (Mario's son) wed

Patrick Roy

Jun 9 NHL goaltender Patrick Roy (25) weds Michele Piuze at Saint-Sacrement Church in Quebec, Canada

Hank Williams Jr

Jul 1 Country singer-songwriter Hank Williams Jr (41) weds model Mary Jane Thomas at a Congregational church near his ranch in Missoula, Montana

  • Jul 17 PLO-leader Jasser Arrafat marries Soha Tawil in Tunis

Berry Gordy

Jul 17 American Motown Records founder Berry Gordy (60) weds Grace Easton; divorce in 1993

Yasser Arafat

Jul 17 Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (56) weds Suha Tawil (27)

  • Aug 11 "General Hospital" actor Maurice Benard (27) weds Paula Smith
  • Sep 16 101 year old Sam Ackerman weds 95 year old Eva in New Rochelle NY
  • Sep 29 Brook Yeaton weds Traci Lords

Rand Paul

Oct 20 US Senator Rand Paul (27) weds freelance writer Kelley Ashby

  • Nov 23 Model Cheryl Tiegs marries actor Tony Peck

John Carpenter

Dec 1 Film director John Carpenter (36) weds producer Sandy King

Rod Stewart

Dec 15 British singer Rod Stewart (45) weds American supermodel Rachel Hunter (21); divorce in 2006

Natasha Richardson

Dec 15 Actress Natasha Richardson (27) weds producer Robert Fox (37)

David Lean

Dec 15 Academy award-winning director David Lean (82) weds interior designer Sandra Cooke (51)

Wedding of Interest

Dec 24 Actor Tom Cruise (28) marries actress Nicole Kidman (23)

  • Dec 29 Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton weds Shannon Kelley

Famous Divorces

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Jan 3 Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (41) divorces singer/dancer Sarah Brightman (29) after almost 7 years of marriage

Jimmy Johnson

Jan 17 NFL coach Jimmy Johnson (46) divorces Linda Kay Cooper after 26 years of marriage

Michael Keaton

Jan 29 Actor Michael Keaton (38) divorces actress Caroline McWilliams (44) after 7 years of marriage

  • Apr 1 Guns & Roses' Duff McKagan divorces Mandy Brix, lead singer for Lame Flames

Jeff Goldblum

Oct 14 Jeff Goldblum and wife Geena Davis file for divorce after nearly 2 years of marriage