On This Day

Famous Weddings & Divorces in August 1993

Famous Weddings

  • Aug 8 California state senator Tom Hayden (54) weds actress Barbara Williams (40)
  • Aug 14 Dr William Masters (78) weds college sweetheart Geraldine Oliver (76)
  • Aug 14 Shari Beadley weds Christopher Martin (Kid 'n Play)

LoveWedding of Interest

Aug 19 Actress Kim Basinger weds actor Alec Baldwin

  • Aug 21 Lyricist Bernie Taupin weds Strephanie Haymes
  • Aug 29 Actress Elke Sommer (52) weds Wolf Walther (46)

LoveWedding of Interest

Aug 29 Actress Marlee Matlin (28) weds Kevin Grandalski (28) in New York City

Deaf Actress Marlee Matlin
Deaf Actress
Marlee Matlin

Famous Divorces

  • Aug 11 Director Oliver Stone files for divorce from Elizabeth