On This Day

Famous Weddings & Divorces on December 24

Famous Weddings

  • 1161 Byzantine Emperor Manuel I Komnenos marries Princess Maria of Antioch in the Hagia Sophia, Constantinople, with chariot races to celebrate in the Hippodrome
  • 1914 Agatha Miller (later best selling detective author) marries aviator Archibald Christie

Jimmy Doolittle

1917 Famous pilot James Doolittle (21) weds high school sweetheart Josephine E. Daniels

Percy Lavon Julian

1935 Chemist Percy Lavon Julian weds sociologist Anna Roselle Johnson

Wedding of Interest

1936 Paleoanthropologist Mary Nicol (23) weds archaeologist Louis Leakey (33) in England

Carl Reiner

1943 American comic actor and writer Carl Reiner (21) weds singer Estelle Lebost (29)

Mary Astor

1945 Actress Mary Astor (39) weds Thomas Gordon Wheelock

George Foreman

1971 Professional boxer George Foreman (22) weds Adrienne Calhoun

  • 1981 Guardian Angels Curtis Sliwa & Lisa Evers marry

Johnny Depp

1983 Actor Johnny Depp (20) weds Lori Anne Allison

Joko Widodo

1986 President of Indonesia Joko Widodo (25) weds Iriana (23) in Solo, Central Java

Wedding of Interest

1990 Actor Tom Cruise (28) marries actress Nicole Kidman (23)