Famous Weddings & Divorces on February 18

Famous Weddings

George Halas

1922 Football player George Halas (27) weds Minnie Bushing

Mary Astor

1937 Actress Mary Astor (30) weds film editor Manuel del Campo (23) in Yuma, Arizona

Francis Crick

1940 Molecular biologist Francis Crick (23) weds Ruth Doreen Dodd; divorce 1947

Augusto Pinochet

1943 Chilean army officer, and future dictator, Augusto Pinochet (27) marries LucĂ­a Hiriart (20)

Hank Greenberg

1946 MLB baseball player Hank Greenberg (35) weds heiress Caral Gimbel in Sea Island, Georgia

Maurice Gibb

1969 Scottish pop singer Lulu (20) weds British rock musician Maurice Gibb (19); divorce in 1973

Peter Sellers

1977 British actor Peter Sellers (51) weds (his 4th time), British actress Lynne Frederick (22), in Paris, France

Steve Garvey

1989 American MLB baseball player Steve Garvey weds Candace Thomas while being accused of fathering children by two other women

  • 1994 Actor Joe Pantoliano (41) weds model Nancy Sheppard (31)
  • 2001 Comedian Kathy Griffin (37) weds computer administrator Matthew Moline (32) at the 360 Degree Restaurant in Hollywood
  • 2012 Activist and contributor for ABC News Elizabeth Smart (24) weds Matthew Gilmour (22) in Hawaii