Famous Weddings & Divorces on January 12

Famous Weddings

Louis XIV

1684 French King Louis XIV marries Madame Maintenon

Charlotte Cooper

1901 Tennis champ Charlotte Cooper (30) weds solicitor Alfred Sterry

Howard Hughes

1957 Aviator Howard Hughes marries 2nd wife actress Jean Peters

Bob Newhart

1963 Actor and comedian Bob Newhart (33) weds Virginia "Ginnie" Quinn

Willie Nelson

1963 Country singer Willie Nelson (29) weds singer Shirley Collie (31) in Las Vegas; divorce in 1971

Jean Shrimpton

1979 English model Jean Shrimpton marries Michael Cox

  • 1993 MTV hostess Martha Quinn marries longtime boyfriend Jordan Tarlow

Conan O'Brien

2002 TV Host Conan O'Brien (38) weds Liza Powel (31) at St. James Cathedral in Seattle, Washington

Janusz Kamiński

2004 Two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kamiński (44) weds ABC-TV correspondent Rebecca Rankin in Los Angeles

Tony Hawk

2006 Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk (37) weds Lhotse Merriam at Tavarua Island Resort in Fiji

Famous Divorces

Lisa Bonet & Jason Momoa

2022 Actors Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa divorce after four years of marriage