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Famous Weddings & Divorces on January 31

Famous Weddings

Philip II of Spain

1560 Spanish King Philip II (10) marries Elisabeth of Valois (13), daughter of Henry II of France

King of Spain Philip II of Spain
King of Spain
Philip II of Spain
  • 1842 10th US President John Tyler's daughter Elizabeth marries in the White House
  • 1960 Songwriter Adolph Green marries actress and singer Phyllis Newman in NYC
  • 1974 "The Outlaw" actress Jane Russell (52) weds real-estate broker John Calvin People (45) in Santa Barbara, California
  • 2009 "Stay" singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb (40) weds Late Night with Conan O'Brien music supervisor Roey Hershkovitz (30) at Manhattan restaurant in New York City

Famous Divorces

Elizabeth Taylor

1957 Actress Elizabeth Taylor's 2nd divorce from actor Michael Wilding