Famous Weddings & Divorces on July 27

Famous Weddings

  • 1365 Isabella of England marries Enguerrand of Coucy at Windsor

Maximilian I

1857 Emperor of Mexico Maximilian I (25) weds princess Charlotte of Belgium (17) in Brussels

Bernard Montgomery

1927 British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (39) weds Elizabeth Carver in Chiswick, England

Judy Garland

1941 American singer and actress Judy Garland (19) weds British-American musician David Rose (31); divorce in 1944

  • 1981 British television: On Coronation Street, Ken Barlow marries Deirdre Langton, proving to be a national event with massive viewer numbers
  • 1986 "Say Anything" director Cameron Crowe (29) weds "Heart" guitarist Nancy Wilson (32)

Patrick Ewing

1990 NBA star Patrick Ewing (27) weds Rita Williams

  • 1991 American rocker Jani Lane (27), (Warrant - "Cherry Pie") marries American model Bobbie Brown (23); (divorced 1993)
  • 2006 NASCAR driver Kurt Busch (27) weds Eva Bryan in Eastville, Virginia
  • 2014 Actress and model Scheana Marie (29) weds longtime boyfriend Michael Shay at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, California