Famous Weddings & Divorces on June 28

Famous Weddings

Bess Truman & Harry Truman

1919 33rd US President Harry Truman (35) weds Elizabeth Truman (34) in Independence

David Lean

1930 Film director David Lean (22) weds his first cousin Isabel Lean

Kenneth Patchen

1934 Novelist Kenneth Patchen (22) weds Miriam Patchen in nearby Sharon, Pennsylvania

Merle Haggard

1965 American country singer Merle Haggard (28) weds singer Bonnie Owens (35); divorce in 1978

Mike Wallace

1986 CBS news correspondent Mike Wallace (68) weds Mary Yates

Jacques Cousteau

1991 Explorer Jacques Cousteau (81) weds Francine Triplet in Paris

  • 1992 US President George H. W. Bush's daughter Dorothy marries Bobby Koch
  • 2000 Business magnate Ron Perelman (69) weds actress Ellen Barkin (46) in a traditional Jewish ceremony at an upper East Side synagogue

John Leguizamo

2003 Colombian American actor John Leguizamo (42) weds estate planner Justine Maurer (35) on a Catholic-Jewish ceremony in New York

  • 2008 "Saturday Night Live" actor-comedian Chris Kattan (37) weds model Sunshine Tutt (31) at Chateau Du Sureau in Yosemite, California

Greg Norman & Chris Evert

2008 Golfing legend Greg Norman (53) weds former tennis star Chris Evert (53) in Paradise Island, Bahamas

  • 2013 Writer Josh Kilmer-Purcell (43) weds physician Brent Ridge in Sharon Springs, New York
  • 2014 Socialite and actress Olivia Palermo (28) weds model Johannes Huebl in Bedford, New York

Famous Divorces

Sandra Bullock

2010 Academy award-winning actress Sandra Bullock (45) divorces "Monster Garage" host Jesse James (40) due to conflict of personalities after nearly 5 years of marriage

  • 2012 "Spy Kids" actress Alexa Vega (23) divorces film producer Sean Covel (36) due to irreconcilable differences after less than two years of marriage