Famous Weddings & Divorces on June 5

Famous Weddings

Samuel Colt

1856 American industrialist and firearms manufacturer Samuel Colt (41) weds American philanthropist Elizabeth Hart Jarvis (29) at Christ Episcopal Church in Middleton, Connecticut, until his death in 1862

Agnes Moorehead

1930 Actress Agnes Moorehead (29) weds actor Jack G. Lee (28)

Red Auerbach

1941 NBA coach Red Auerbach (23) weds Dorothy Lewis

  • 1974 "Sly and the Family Stone" frontman Sly Stone (31) weds model-actress Kathy Silva at Madison Square Garden

Muddy Waters

1979 American blues musician Muddy Waters (64) weds Marva Jean Brooks (25) in Chicago

Michael Keaton

1982 Actor Michael Keaton (30) weds actress Caroline McWilliams (37)

Mariah Carey

1993 American pop singer Mariah Carey (24) weds Sony Music CEO Tommy Mottola (43), at St. Patrick's cathedral in New York City; divorced 1998

Noel Gallagher

1997 British "Oasis" guitarist Noel Gallagher (30) weds Meg Mathews at the Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Nevada; divorce in 2001

  • 1999 1994 Figure Skater World Champion Yuka Sato (26) weds her fellor skater Jason Dungjen

Reese Witherspoon

1999 Actress Reese Witherspoon (23) weds actor Ryan Phillippe (24) at the Old Wide Awake Plantation along the Sono River in Charleston, South Carolina

  • 1999 American baritone belter Frankie Laine (86) weds American retired real estate agent Marcia Kline (61) near San Diego, until his death in 2007

Jennifer Lopez

2004 American singer and actress Jennifer Lopez (34) weds American salsa artist Marc Anthony (35) in Beverly Hills, California; divorce in 2014

Ilie Năstase

2004 Romanian tennis player Ilie Năstase (57) weds (for 3rd time) Romanian fashion model Amalia Teodosescu (28); divorce in 2010

  • 2005 "All My Children" cast members Alexa Havins (24) weds actor Justin Bruening (25) in a seaside ceremony held on Cinnamon Bay on the island of St. John
  • 2010 "Bond girl" actress Gemma Arterton (24) weds Stefano Catelli (37) at a secret ceremony at the hilltop village of Zuheros in Andalucia, Spain

Rush Limbaugh

2010 Radio personality Rush Limbaugh (59) weds wife No. 4, event planner Kathryn Rogers (33), at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida

Famous Divorces

  • 2009 "Lost" actress Emilie de Ravin (27) divorces actor Josh Janowicz (27) after three years of marriage
  • 2012 NBC musical drama series "Smash" actress Debra Messing (43) divorces actor and producer Daniel Zelman (44) by their mutual decision after 10 years of marriage