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Famous Weddings & Divorces on March 16

Famous Weddings

  • 1661 Princess Henrietta of Orange-Nassau (16) weds Philippe of France, Duke of OrlĂ©ans (20)

Gioachino Rossini

1822 Italian opera composer (The Barber of Seville) Gioachino Rossini weds 1st wife, opera singer Isabella Colbran, in Bologna

Guglielmo Marconi

1905 Inventor and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi (30) weds Beatrice O'Brien

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

1939 Princess Fawzia of Egypt (17) marries the Shah of Persia Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (19)

Pat Summerall

1996 Sportscaster Pat Summerall (65) weds Cherilyn Burns in Florida

Liza Minnelli

2002 Oscar-winning entertainer Liza Minnelli (56) weds producer David Gest (48) at the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City

  • 2006 Actress Divya Palat weds former MTV India VJ Aditya Hitkari at a temple in Matunga, India

Richard Dreyfuss

2006 Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss (58) weds Svetlana Erokhin in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Famous Divorces

Dick Wolf

1983 Producer Dick Wolf (36) divorces Susan Scranton after more than 13 years of marriage