Famous Weddings & Divorces on May 24

Famous Weddings

Walter Lippmann

1917 Writer Walter Lippmann (27) weds Faye Albertson

  • 1935 Swedish princess Ingrid marries Danish crown prince Frederik (IX)

Garth Brooks

1986 American country singer Garth Brooks (24) weds songwriter Sandy Mahl; divorce in 2001

Sachin Tendulkar

1995 Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar (22) weds pediatrician Anjali Mehta (28)

  • 2002 Princess Martha Louise of Norway (30) weds author Ari Behn (29) in Trondheim

Kenneth Branagh

2003 Actor and film director Kenneth Branagh (42) weds film art director Lindsay Brunnock in a secret ceremony

Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes

2003 Oscar winning-actress Kate Winslet (27) weds director Sam Mendes (36) in Anguilla Island

  • 2008 Prince Joachim of Denmark (38) weds second wife Marie Cavallier (32) at Møgeltønder Church in Denmark

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

2014 Rapper and record producer Kanye West (36) weds model Kim Kardashian (33) at Fort di Belvedere in Florence, Italy

  • 2015 Actress and model Michelle Keegan (28) weds TV presenter Mark Wright (28) at Hengrave Hall estate in Suffolk