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Famous Weddings & Divorces on November 1

Famous Weddings

Robert Oppenheimer

1940 Theoretical physicist Robert Oppenheimer (36) weds biologist Katherine Harrison Puening

John Wayne

1954 Actor John Wayne (47) weds actress Pilar Pallete in Kona, Hawaii

Kirby Puckett

1986 MLB player Kirby Puckett (24) weds Tonya Hudson (20)

Jeff Goldblum

1988 US Actors Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis marry in Las Vegas

  • 2003 "Showgirls" actress Elizabeth Berkley (31) weds artist Greg Lauren (33) at Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • 2008 Actress Marisa Coughlan (34) weds Stephen Wallack at a private estate in Pasadena, California
  • 2014 Counting star Jessa Duggar weds Ben Seewald at the First Baptist Church in Bentonville, Ark

Famous Divorces

D. W. Griffith

1947 Film director D. W. Griffith (72) divorces actress Evelyn Baldwin (37) after 11 years of marriage

John Wayne

1954 Actor John Wayne (47) divorces actress Esperanza Baur (34) due to drunken violence after 8 years of marriage

Divorce of Interest

1982 Director Martin Scorsese (39) divorces Isabella Rossellini (30) after 3 years of marriage

Charlie Sheen

2010 Film actor Charlie Sheen (45) divorces socialite Brooke Mueller (33) due to irreconcilable differences after two-and-a-half years of marriage