Famous Weddings & Divorces on November 23

Famous Weddings

Shirley Booth

1929 Academy Award-winning Shirley Booth marries comic actor Ed Gardner

David Lean

1940 Film director David Lean (32) weds actress Kay Walsh (29)

Guy Gibson

1940 RAF pilot Guy Gibson (22) weds show dancer and actress Eve Moore in Penarth’s Anglican Church

William Shockley

1955 Physicist William Shockley (45) weds psychiatric nurse Emmy Lanning

  • 1963 "12 Angry Men" director Sidney Lumet (39) weds Lena Horne's daughter Gail Jones

Thabo Mbeki

1974 South African ANC leader Thabo Mbeki (32) marries social worker Zanele Dlamini (36) in London, England

Mary Tyler Moore

1983 "Ordinary People" actress Mary Tyler Moore (46) weds Dr. Robert Levine at the Pierre Hotel in New York City

  • 1990 Model Cheryl Tiegs marries actor Tony Peck

Chris Rock

1996 American actor and comedian Chris Rock (31) weds founder and executive director of StyleWorks Malaak Compton; divorce in 2016

Penn Jillette

2004 "Penn and Teller" magician Penn Jillette (49) weds TV producer Emily Zolten at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • 2007 Actress and model Jaime King (28) weds director Kyle Newman (31) at Greystone Park and Manor in Los Angeles

Justin Bieber

2018 Canadian singer Justin Bieber (24) confirms he has married American model Hailey Baldwin (22)