Famous Weddings & Divorces on November 8

Famous Weddings

William Cavendish-Bentinck

1766 Future Prime Minister William Cavendish-Bentinck (28) weds Dorothy Cavendish (16)

Larry Bird

1975 NBA legend Larry Bird (18) weds highschool sweetheart Janet Condra

Ken Follett

1985 Author Ken Follett (36) weds politician Barbara Hubbard (42)

Alison Krauss

1997 Bluegrass musician Alison Krauss marries Pat Bergeson

  • 2006 Malaysian actress Sazzy Falak (25) weds co-founder of LVG Consultants and LVG MoneySkool Nazril Idrus
  • 2009 "The Practice" actress Marla Sokoloff (29) weds composer Alec Puro (34) at Il Cielo restaurant

Famous Divorces

John Lennon

1968 Cynthia Lennon is granted a divorce from The Beatles member John Lennon

Dennis Hopper

1970 American "The Mamas & the Papas" singer Michelle Phillips (26) divorces American "Easy Rider" director and actor Dennis Hopper (34) after only 8 days of marriage