Famous Weddings & Divorces on November 9

Famous Weddings

Alexander III

1866 Tsarevich Alexander of Russia (later Alexander III) marries Princess Dagmar of Denmark at the Grand Church of the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg

Grandma Moses

1887 Anna Mary Robertson (27), later to become painter known as Grandma Moses, weds Thomas Salmon Moses in New York

George Dewey

1899 US Admiral of the Navy George Dewey (61) weds Mildred McLean Hazen at the rectory St. Paul's Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.

Gloria Swanson

1931 Actress Gloria Swanson (32) weds Michael Farmer

Jane Wyatt

1935 "Magnificent Obsession" actress Jane Wyatt (24) weds investment broker Edgar Bethune Ward in Santa Fe, New Mexico

John Barrymore

1936 Actor John Barrymore (54) marries fourth wife Elaine Barrie (21) (divorced 1940)

Rock Hudson

1955 Actor Rock Hudson marries Phyllis Gates (divorced 1958)

Robert Plant

1968 British "Led Zeppelin" singer Robert Plant (19) weds British student Maureen Wilson (19) in West Bromwich, England; divorce in 1983

  • 2002 Eighties pop princess Sheena Easton (43) weds Beverly Hills plastic surgeon John Minoli (44) at Las Vegas City Hall

Ellen Pompeo

2007 American "Grey's Anatomy" actress Ellen Pompeo (38) weds American music producer Chris Ivery (38) at City Hall in NYC, New York

James Blake

2012 Tennis player James Blake (32) weds publicist Emily Snider (37) Del Mar, California

  • 2013 "Mad Men" actor Jared Harris (52) weds lighting designer and TV host Allegra Riggio on a yacht in Miami

Malala Yousafzai

2021 Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai ties the knot with Asser Malik in an Islamic Nikkah ceremony in Birmingham, England

Famous Divorces

Gloria Swanson

1931 Actress Gloria Swanson (32) divorces aristocrat Henri de la Falaise (33) after 6 years of marriage

John Wayne Gacy

1968 Serial killer John Wayne Gacy (26) divorces first wife Marlynn Myers after 4 years of marriage

  • 2004 Hotel heiress and fashion model Nicky Hilton (21) divorces businessman Todd Andrew Meister (33) due to bi-coastal relationship after nearly 3 months of marriage