Famous Weddings & Divorces on October 18

Famous Weddings

Victor Emmanuel II

1869 Sardinia king Victor Emmanuel II (49) weds his mistress Rosa Vercellana (36) in Italy

Ho Chi Minh

1926 Communist revolutionary leader Ho Chi Minh (36) weds midwife Zeng Xueming (21) in Guangzhou

  • 1952 Latin actress Maria Felix (38) weds actor and singer Jorge Negreta (40) in Mexico

Lee Marvin

1970 Actor Lee Marvin (46) weds radio producer Pamela Feeley (40)

Lionel Richie

1975 American pop singer Lionel Richie (26) weds college sweetheart Brenda Harvey; divorce in 1993

Christine McVie

1986 "Fleetwood Mac" member Christine McVie (43) weds Portuguese keyboardist Eduardo Quintela; divorce in 2003

  • 1986 NFL player Frank Gifford (56) marries 3rd wife Kathie Lee Johnson (35)

Michael Chang

2008 Tennis player Michael Chang (35) weds fellow tennis player Amber Liu (24) at Lake Hills Community Church in Laguna Hills, California

  • 2011 Actress, model and singer Bijou Phillips (32) weds actor and disc jockey Danny Masterson (36) at a private castle in Ireland
  • 2014 "Glee" TV star Matthew Morrison (35) weds Renee Puente at a private home on the island of Maui
  • 2014 "The Vampire Diaries" actress Candice Accola (27) weds "The Fray" guitarist Joe King (34) in New Orleans, Louisiana

Famous Divorces

Demi Moore & Bruce Willis

2000 Actress Demi Moore (37) divorces actor Bruce Willis (45) due to irreconcilable differences after 13 years of marriage